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Swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh

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11/15/05 10:16 pm

*eyes pop open*
I'm... still alive? How strange.

o_o;;; Does this mean that I left Orochimaru-sama alone?

I'm... so sorry sir!!!! When we got back I only left your service because I assumed I was dead, something that now seems quite... idiotic but... it seems air travel will do that you one.

u.u This is not my point.

I just wish to say, that seeing as how I seem to still exist, I apologise for the time I was gone, and I am the scum of the earth for abandonning you so, Orochimaru-sama!

Ah... would anyone happen to have seen a young white-haired zombie during these past few weeks, by the way?

9/27/05 11:19 pm


I met that pathetic gypsy. She had the nerve to ooze some sort of pus into my mouth from her eyes. I didn't get the chance to analyse it, but I think it's resonable, given the circumstances.

She even cursed me, because Shizune promised her Neji-san. I suppose at least Shizune will get her own curse when she doesn't deliver.

Even though I doubt her powers of cursing, she mentioned something about not being able to have "whoopie" with Orochimaru-sama on tuesdays, thursdays, or the full moon.

I think it's most obvious that anyone who says "whoopie" is a virgin. Pfft. Gypsy, my ass.

9/15/05 05:12 pm

O_O I am nothing anymore.

I wouldn't be certain I exist anymore if I couldn't feel the pounding headache from when my head met the pavement.

I have have nothing to do.

That is, except find a certain someone... *cracks knuckles*

EDIT: T_T I almost listened to Gai-kun. It seems he was just lying to save himself. =_= He most certainly must die, now.

9/14/05 08:42 pm

I think I might have acted to hastily. Gai-kun, ^^;; you make your offers sound too tempting.

... Are you feeling alright, Orochimaru-sama? Nothing unusual? *twitch* I have heard there's a flu going around, and such...

u.u I have made another discovery as well. It seems Ebisu-san stole my glasses several weeks ago, but in my loyal and rabid devotion... this went unnoticed by me. I stumbled around for a certain amount of time, but Gai-kun was kind enough to create some new glasses for me. I'm afraid they seem a little unbalanced for me. >< I appreciate your glasses very much, Gai, but I still feel a need for my old glasses.

Confound you, Ebisu! You perfect devil!

((Sorry. i was afraid I'd never get the chance to say "confound you"))

9/3/05 10:38 pm

*_* My master said he loves me.

*dies in his arms tonight*

u.u That alone was worth the half hour I spent trying to get out of the sheets.

Even with your notes, Ebisu, you could never match my sir.

You still owe me, though >>

8/27/05 11:29 pm

I have not seen you in a while, Orochimaru-sama. I have completed my mission, even though I can not be certain of it's immediate success, so I would wish to see you to make my report, among other things >>

Ah, and I shall hope to have the chance to meet with Iruka-sensei again, as well. I had the chance to visit him recently and... try to teach him about certain matters. ^^ It is most refreshing to have the priveledge of instructing an old teacher. I have always respected him greatly and hope that he was willing to give serious thought to my words.

I had the honour of dancing with Gai-kun acouple of nights ago. u.u I loved it very much and I appreciate his time and dancing skills. And also that he let me be the one to sing Danny Zuko's parts.

Of course, if I were singing with Orochimaru-sama, I would gladly let him be Danny. Or even Rizzo.

8/19/05 10:04 pm

*Pushes up Ebisu`s glasses*

I have only just returned, but I have managed to be in contact with a few of Konoha`s residents. Also, I have luckily been able to report to Orochimaru-sama... to recieve instruction and other such things... *turns around and swoons*

It seems that Gai-kun has left, but I promised him a present when he came back. More of a prescription, actually. So I shall have to leave to search for Neji blow-up doll it. Therefore, I shall be gone this weekend. I apologise, Orochimaru-sama, for this unexcusable abscence.

Naruto... I would like to see you sometime... it's been a while...

((I'm gone away. Kind of. And I don't have that much internet access. Or AIM. I'm enjoying the lovely rural atmosphere of Nova Scotia's picturesque french coast. *eye roll*))

8/17/05 09:27 am

I am Kabuto *pushes up glasses*

I have returned, once more, to to serve Orochimaru-sama. And bathe in his glory. Or maybe shower.

And I will... for as long as I can serve him... for my master is so far far better than yours, Shizune...

He seems busy, though, so in the meantime, I shall investigate Konoha for him... get the feel of it's people. Secretly. Except... you'll know... because I just told you. But you still might not feel me there. Because I'm just that good.

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